During the last five years, Lord's Daily Bread has experienced first-hand the needs of Denver’s homeless, and has become a vital part of the Denver community, recognized for its role in the mayor’s 10-year plan to end homelessness. Lord's Daily Bread has provided over 25,000 meals annually to Denver’s poor and homeless.  

LDB is embarking on a new journey to support those who are homeless thorough asking the questions “Who am I?” and “Where am I going” as they are empowered to recover their identity and develop a plan for a successful future with guidance and supportive services in place. The community center  will be a place where people will be treated with kindness and dignity. 


Lord's Daily Bread

Welcome to the place to help feed the homeless...

The primary purpose of Lord's Daily Bread (LDB) is to meet the immediate and tangible needs of Denver's homeless population. The LDB team has shown their commitment to these people and to Denver for more than 20 years by serving food every weekend, getting to know people, showing them love, referring them to necessary services, and guiding many out of homelessness.

LDB is excited to launch a capital campaign to open a community center to comprehensively meet the needs of Denver's homeless population! Please join LDB in this project to transform lives and restore hope and dignity. 



P.O. Box 1012

Aurora, CO 80040

phone: 720.422.7875

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