For over 20 years Lord's Daily Bread has been feeding Denver's homeless and restoring lives. Please join us in our campaign to open a Community Center downtown to provide a place where transformation can happen.

After spending time at Lord's Daily Bread, Garret, a homeless veteran make incredible transformations in his life. Russell, LDB's founder says: "When I met Garrett while feeding people, he was on drugs and had lived on the Platte River for seven years in a tent. He was stealing from King Soopers and even ran prostitute ring. I served as his liaison and helped him get into a halfway house. I worked with him over the years, and he has turned his life around. He started working for me full time and now works as a cook at the VA. Four years later, he is in his right mind, stable, advancing in his job."


When Candace became involved with Lord's Daily Bread, she was homeless and had been addicted to drugs for about 20 years. With LDB's guidance and support, she went through a rehab program and is now clean and sober. She has stable housing and works a part-time job. She also faithfully works with LDB on the weekends, serving and guiding others who are in the types of situations in which she was once lived. She had been serving a two-year probation. However, when she met with a judge, he could see that she had changed so much, he knocked a year off of her sentence!